India: Land of Wonders and Contrasts. Bear with the quality of the photos, we had little sunshine (the Z3 has quality problems with pictures at dawn) and many of the pictures I made from a driving car.
PICT1869  Our hotel, the Green Meadows, is an oasis of peace and quietness in a land of ant-like density and noise. We loved to come back there after a hard days work. PICT1875  Nearby the hotel is the beach - I've been warned not to go swimming there: Strong currents, sometimes sharks make it quite dangerous. PICT1877 PICT1881 PICT1898
PICT1901 PICT1920 PICT1924 PICT1931 PICT1932  Taxi. Derived from Piaggio lorries originally given to their Vespa scooter dealers. Very common here. Considered to be dangerous because they have a tendency to tumble over. I haven't seen that but they definitely have serious electrical problems during the rain season.
PICT1936  Railroad tracks. I am probably wrong but my impression is these huge blocks of concrete are pre-built and deployed with the same precision that kids apply while building their kiddie railroad with wooden tracks, PICT1939  Clever business combination or permanent interest conflict? Scary!!! PICT1941  Sleep can be found everywhere. PICT1942  In honour of the german guests ... we were quite surprised to see the flags. Installing them on top of the roof might help getting through the traffic faster. ;-) PICT1947  Andreas lured me to India with the promise that the office is in a rural area, there's even a farm right in front of the office.
PICT1948  I don't think that's rural but everyone else is with him. Gotta admit they even milk their cows (remind me not to drin milk in India ...) but still ... for real rural pictures see my Schafwedel pictures. PICT1951  Transport ... even 4 people on a single motorbike (2 of them small children) aren't uncommon. PICT1955 PICT1958  The entrance area and graphics, quality assurance and my teams room. PICT1959  The development teams room.
PICT1960  The conference room. PICT1961  This and the following pictures show the direct neighbourhood of the company, pictures are taken from the conference room. PICT1962 PICT1963 PICT1964
PICT1966 PICT1967 PICT1968 PICT1970 PICT1973  Rain has just begun. View from the conference room.
PICT1988  After a couple of hours of rain. The white dots are rain drops reflecting the flash. PICT1989 PICT1994 PICT1997 PICT1998
PICT2000 PICT2001 PICT2002 PICT2003 PICT2005